In the majority of cases, the reason for doing spinal surgery or in this case lumbar spinal stenosis surgery is to relieve the pressure on your spinal cord and/or your nerve roots. An orthopedic doctor or surgeon will do the surgery. During the surgery, the damaged areas of the spine will be removed. When the

Of the various physical ailments a person can develop, pain in the shoulder is one of the most common. The shoulder is a combination of multiple muscles and tendons that help sustain the joint, providing a large range of motion for the ball and joint socket that houses the arm. Since there are such a

Shoulder instability is often caused when the structures and tissues become dislocated or torn. When shoulder instability goes without treatment, it often leads to shoulder separation, which is another form of instability. With shoulder separation, the two areas of the shoulder responsible for providing it with stability actually dislocate from each other. These areas include

Many people worldwide suffer from some variation of arthritis, which is an inflammation of the joints. One of the most common spots for an individual to develop this inflammation is the shoulder, leading to stiffness, decreased range of motion, and general pain. Arthritis within the shoulder has no direct cure, but has several available treatment

Your shoulder is one of the most important joints in our entire body. However, as you age, your shoulders endure wear and tear and depending on the type of work you did, sports you played, previous injuries, etc., the wear and tear can become extremely bad – so bad that it becomes debilitating. Shoulder surgery

The most common joint replacement procedure is knee replacement surgery. A number of people suffer from knee arthritis but knowing when it is the correct time to have a knee replacement can be difficult. For many there’s a great deal of confusion over knee replacement surgery and what to expect. Knee Arthritis Most people think

Your shoulder is an important joint. The trouble is, as you get older your shoulder joint becomes worn and for some it becomes so badly worn that it can lead a debilitating condition. In other instances, you might suffer a shoulder injury. In either instance, shoulder surgery restores your range of motion by repairing the

Your shoulder is often one of the most mobile joints in the body because it helps you reach over your head, rotate your arm and lift your arm as necessary throughout the day. Unfortunately, this constant movement can result in lessening stability as you age. Sudden injury can also cause the head of your upper

What is chronic lateral epicondylitis? Chronic lateral epicondylitis is an inflammatory condition of the tendons that join the forearm muscles on the elbows outside area. Three bones make up the joint to the elbow. The ligaments, muscles, and tendons are what hold the elbow together and when they wear out then surgery might be required.

There are thousands of total shoulder replacements performed successfully every year across the country for those individuals with arthritis of the shoulder. For patients that have large tears of the rotator cuff and arthritic inflammation in this area (normally known as cuff tear arthropathy), a conventional shoulder replacement may not be enough to successfully  provide