Common chronic conditions can occur in the shoulders of throwing athletes, particularly baseball players and more specifically in pitchers. These painful shoulder conditions include tendinitis, bursitis, impingement, and subluxation. Symptoms of Shoulder Injuries Typically, the main complaint with any shoulder injury is pain that gets progressively worse. At first, the pain may only be noticeable

An ACL tear, known as an Anterior Cruciate Ligament tear, can be devastating to a promising athlete. The healing process is nonexistent with conservative treatments, as the ligament has a very poor blood supply.  Thanks to modern medicine, reconstruction is possible with either autograft or allograft tissue, both of which work to reconstruct and replace

What Is Shoulder Instability? Shoulder instability occurs when the joint surrounding the shoulder does not work as it should. The shoulder is structured in a way that the ball is meant to stay within the socket so as to provide it with its great range of motion. The bulk of shoulder stability comes from the