Signs It’s Time for a Joint Surgery

by / Tuesday, 03 September 2019 / Published in Blog

Millions of people, with debilitating injuries or diseases, benefit from orthopedic surgeries to return to an active life. Any surgical procedure, used to treat pain or other symptoms of the musculoskeletal system, may be considered orthopedic surgery.

Orthopedic surgery may involve a whole range of techniques – from simple repair of torn ligaments, tendons, or removal of debris from the joint to complex procedures, such as total joint replacement. The minimally invasive joint surgeries are referred to as ‘Arthroscopy’.

To know whether your joint pain calls for a surgery, it may be time for surgery if you have not been able to find relief with conservative treatment options, such as pain medications, injections, physical therapy and lifestyle modifications. Here are the telltale signs of the need for total joint replacement.

  • Persistence or recurrence of bone and joint pain
  • Increased pain with activity
  • Restricted mobility
  • Difficulty with activities of daily living
  • Pain that prevents you from sleeping
  • Grating sensation in the joints
  • Decreased quality of life due to the inability to do the things you enjoy.

Orthopedic surgery may be able to offer a safe, easy, and permanent solution to many bone and joint conditions. If you are suffering from chronic joint pain, consult an experienced orthopedic surgeon immediately to explore possible treatment options.