Suffering from a Torn Meniscus?

by / Friday, 25 August 2017 / Published in Knee Surgery

A torn meniscus is not an urgent situation unless the knee is stuck and will not bend or straighten at all. The initial treatment consists of activity restrictions, ice, anti-inflammatory medication and avoiding activities that may cause more pain.

After the initial pain is managed, here are the treatment options for a torn meniscus –

Cortisone Injections
Cortisone injections in the knee can help reduce pain and swelling. Cortisone does not heal the torn meniscus but can help to manage the symptoms. Cortisone injections can be repeated, if necessary.

Physical Therapy
Therapy to restore the normal motion and strength around the knee can also improve pain and allow a return to function. If therapy is too painful, sometimes a combination of a cortisone injection and therapy is easier to manage. Therapy usually requires twice a week visits for a few weeks.

Surgery for Meniscus Repair
If the symptoms do not go with conservative treatments, surgery may be necessary. If the meniscus is torn, repairing it may be the best option. The repair can be done in a minimally invasive surgery or arthroscopy.

Surgery for Meniscus Removal
Most meniscus tears occur in that part of the meniscus which may not heal. Then your doctor may recommend removal of the damaged part of the meniscus. This surgery is performed arthroscopically and the patient can return to sedentary work within a few days.