Solutions For Patellar Instability

Wednesday, 04 March 2020 by

Patellar instability occurs when the patella bone slides partly out of the groove it should normally sit inside.  The kneecap is held in place by various tendons and ligaments.  Due to the anatomy, the knee tends to be an unstable structure that is made worse by injury or overuse.  Patellar instability can be a difficult

What is Patellar instability?   Patellar instability is a range of conditions. It refers to the kneecap (known in medicine as the patella) sliding out of its groove and dislocating. According to some estimates, it affects 7 in 100 000 US Citizens each and every year. Those who dislocate their kneecap for the first time

You might notice a pain in your knee, or it might look deformed. Either way, it’s hard to miss a patella dislocation. It’s estimated that almost around 2 in 100 000 people will dislocate their patella each year. This is highest in young patients (often between 15 and 19 years of age). Here we look

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