A meniscectomy is a surgery performed for the removal of a torn knee meniscus. This procedure is recommended when the torn meniscus causes pain and other symptoms. With arthroscopy, the Phoenix orthopedic surgeon makes tiny incisions and uses a special camera. How is the procedure performed? The Phoenix sports medicine doctor first makes a one

Osteochondritis dissecans is a condition where bone underneath the cartilage tissue gradually loses vitality and dies due to lack of vascular supply. The damaged bone and cartilage can break loose, hindering joint mobility and causing a painful condition. The disorder is common among children and adolescents who undergo high impact activities that subject their bones

Therapy for sports injuries You can also apply ice packs to your shoulder regularly. This can be done in order to reduce the inflammation in the region. If you take anti-inflammatory drugs you can relieve the pain and the inflammation. In some cases the pain is very severe and over-the-counter medications are not sufficient. If

Total shoulder replacement is a form of surgery which is used to limit pain in patients who have a severe cuff injury to their shoulder. The replacements will limit overall motion in the shoulder but it is a last resort solution for patients who have exercised all other available options. Total shoulder replacement is a

Ankle Fracture ORIF Open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) of an ankle fracture is a procedure done to fix the broken bones of the ankle. To hold the bones in place while they heal, the Phoenix orthopedic specialist inserts medical screws, wires, pins, and/or plates. Fractures of the ankle occur as a result of injury