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Tennis Elbow – Signs and Treatment

by / Monday, 02 September 2019 / Published in Blog, Elbow Surgery, Orthopedic

Tennis is a great sport to play, but the impact and repetition of movements can cause a painful condition known as tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis.

Tennis elbow is caused due to inflammation in the tendons around the joints that curve and connect the arms. Golfers and laborers, who have to make repetitive swinging motions with their arms, may also suffer from lateral epicondylitis.

Signs of Tennis Elbow

  • Pain and tenderness coming from the outer side of the elbow
  • Pain radiating from the elbow’s outer side to the forearm and wrist
  • Pain when extending the wrist
  • Pain and weakness when gripping objects, such as a doorknob
  • Weakness in the forearms
  • Inability to carry, or hold heavy items with the hands

Preventing Tennis Elbow

To prevent tennis elbow –

  • correct poor techniques and positioning
  • use the right size of equipment for your grip
  • do arm stretches before beginning a game
  • limit play, if you have muscle soreness in the elbows
  • ensure regular strengthening exercises for arms and shoulders, and stability exercises for your elbows

Treating Tennis Elbow

The condition can be treated by –

  • taking medication, as prescribed by your orthopedic doctor
  • icing the elbows to reduce the swelling
  • wearing braces or other orthotic devices to stabilize the elbow
  • corticosteroid injections
  • physical therapy to regain arm’s strength and flexibility
  • surgery, in a few severe cases

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