3 Most Common Shoulder Conditions and Treatments at Phoenix

by / Thursday, 31 March 2016 / Published in Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body but mobility comes with a price. It is a combination of bone joints combining with tendons and muscles to provide a wide range of motion, each of which is prone to injury. The top shoulder surgeon in Phoenix, Dr. Adam Farber treats shoulder conditions with conservative as well as surgical treatments. Here are some common shoulder conditions and their treatments.

The clavicle, or the collar bone, connects the breast plate to the shoulder blade. Since it is superficially located, it is vulnerable to fractures. Most clavicle fractures with significant displacement can be treated effectively by the top shoulder surgeon at Phoenix Shoulder and Knee clinic. Surgery involves putting the bone fragments back into place and then using metallic plates and screws to hold them till the bone heals.

Adhesive capsulitis, or frozen shoulder as it is generally known, is treated based on when it is diagnosed. If it is diagnosed during the painful phase, a steroid injection given into the shoulder joint, along with medication and physical therapy, can be very effective at decreasing inflammation and limiting thickening and scarring of the joint capsule.
Shoulder Conditions
The best shoulder surgeon in Phoenix, Dr. Adam Farber, considers surgical treatment in patients who fail to improve despite several months of non-surgical treatment. Surgical options include a manipulation of the shoulder joint with the patient under anesthesia and a minimally invasive arthroscopic procedure known as a capsular release done using arthroscopic techniques.

Treatment for shoulder arthritis depends upon the severity of the arthritis and the patients symptoms. Initially the top shoulder surgeon in Phoenix Shoulder and Knee recommends non-surgical treatment methods. If these options fail, shoulder replacement surgery may be recommended. In this surgery, the arthritic ends of the bones are cut away and replaced by metal and plastic components by Dr. Farber, one of the best shoulder surgeons in Phoenix, AZ.