4 Unbeatable Reasons to Say Yes To Surgery for Knee Pain

by / Wednesday, 24 February 2016 / Published in Knee Surgery, Orthopedic

Knee pain is a common ailment. Knees bear majority of our body weight. People of all ages suffer from knee pain due to wear and tear and injuries. These injuries can range from Meniscus Tears, Ligament Tears, Cartilage Injuries, Knee Arthritis and Patellar Instability. Arthroscopic surgery is the perfect solution to these. Board certified orthopedic surgeon Dr. Adam Farber at Phoenix Shoulder and Knee specializes in arthroscopic and reconstructive surgery of the knee.

Arthroscopic procedures involve less dissection and lesser trauma to the tissues surrounding the knee joint.  Open surgery involves cutting through a bigger area to get a full view of the affected.  Ligament injuries such as ACL and MCL tears can be effectively treated with least invasive arthroscopic surgery by best knee doctor at Phoenix, Dr. Farber.

Since arthroscopic knee surgery causes trauma to a smaller area and exposure is limited, it results in faster patient recovery.

Arthroscopic surgery by the best knee doctor in Phoenix ensures lesser trauma to the surrounding tissue. This translates into less pain for the patient after surgery as well.

Some parts of the knee become more easily assessable in arthroscopic surgery.  For instance, the back of the knee is not easily seen from an incision over the front of the knee while an incision on the back of the knee can risk injury to blood vessels and nerves in this area and frequently formation of scar tissue.  Arthroscopic surgery by leading orthopedic surgeon at Phoenix Shoulder and Knee, Dr. Farber uses only as small incision and can evaluate the not-so-accessible parts of the knee, reducing such these risks.