Tennis Elbow: What Does Surgery Entail?

by / Monday, 17 March 2014 / Published in Elbow Surgery

If you or someone that you know has ever suffered from tennis elbow, formally known as lateral epicondylitis, you are aware of just how painful it can be. This condition isn’t just limited to tennis players either; in fact, anyone who overuses their elbow is prone to experiencing the inflammation that damages forearm muscles and tendons. However, there is hope for those who suffer from the tenderness and discomfort of tennis elbow, as there are numerous treatments available.

Elbow Doctor PhoenixSurgical Treatments for Tennis Elbow

While there are nonsurgical methods available for those who suffer from tennis elbow, patients whose symptoms don’t subside in six to twelve months after exploring these methods are prime candidates for surgical intervention. The majority of surgical options for tennis elbow involve the removal of diseased muscle in your forearm, which then allows for your doctor to reattach remaining healthy muscle back to your bone.

There are two basic types of surgery that you might experience. Depending upon the severity of your condition, as well as your medical history, and the consideration of other personal needs, you will have the choice of:

  • Open Surgery – Open surgery, a traditional method, is the option most frequently used for tennis elbow. In this procedure, your Phoenix orthopedic doctor will make an incision over the elbow, allowing them to access your diseased muscle to then remove it and repair healthy muscle to bone as needed.
  • Arthroscopic Surgery – A type of procedure referred to as arthroscopic surgery involves a much smaller incision and the use of a Elbow Surgeon Phoenixcamera that is then inserted in the elbow joint, as well as other small surgical tools to correct any damage. The camera allows for your Scottsdale orthopedic surgeon to identify the precise location of any problems, meaning that they can correct all signs of damage with ease.

Resolve Your Tennis Elbow Through Various Surgical Methods

Regardless of which form of surgery you may need to undergo, you will have the comfort of anesthesia for this outpatient procedure. Full recovery times are typically around twelve weeks, however depending upon the severity of your condition, this timeframe can vary.

By addressing your elbow pain through one of two basic surgical methods, the Phoenix elbow surgeon can remove diseased tissue to promote the health, comfort, and functionality of your forearm. You don’t have to live with the tenderness and pain of tennis elbow anymore, fix it for good with surgical methods guaranteed to relieve your pain.