3 Amazing Ankle Treatments in Phoenix

by / Monday, 27 June 2016 / Published in ACL Reconstruction

The leading orthopedic surgeon in Phoenix, Dr. Farber, at Phoenix Shoulder and Knee Clinic, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the musculoskeletal system of the foot and ankle. Ankle conditions are treated using physical, surgical and rehabilitative methods. Ankle treatments include reconstructive procedures, treat sports injuries, and manage and treat trauma of the foot and ankle.

Achilles tendon tears

Tears of the Achilles tendon are usually the result of a sudden injury, often due to running or jumping activities. For older, less active patients, non-surgical treatment is recommended. Non-surgical treatment consists of icing, anti-inflammatory medications, casting, activity modifications, physical therapy, and a gradual return to activities. For most active, healthy patients with complete tendon ruptures or severe partial tendon ruptures, surgical treatment is recommended. Surgical ankle treatment is ideally performed before the tendon and muscle begin to scar and shorten and make reattachment it to its native position more difficult. Surgery consists of repairing the ruptured tendon edges back to each other with stitches.

Ankle Fractures

When an ankle joint is severely stressed, the joint may be injured. If a bone gives way and breaks, an ankle fracture may be caused. Pain, swelling and bruising are common. Ankle treatment for fractures includes treatment with splints or cast, medication or orthopedic bracing.

Amniotic derived stem cell procedures

Stem cells are cells which have the potential to form and become various types of different human tissues including skin, cartilage, nerve, muscle, tendon, and bone. This remarkable potential is used to assist in the healing and regeneration of injured tissues in ankle treatment.

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