Rotator cuff repair surgery is used to repair a torn shoulder tendon or muscle, or to repair a group of tendons and muscles. This procedure is done with a large open incision, or through a buttonhole-sized incision via shoulder arthroscopy.   What is the rotator cuff?   The rotator cuff is a group of muscles

The knee is the largest joint of the body and it plays a vital role in weight-bearing and movement of the body. It is also one of the most complex joints of the human body. Ligaments are fibrous tissues that connect bones. There are two sets of ligaments in the knee: the cruciate ligaments –

The shoulder is the most mobile joint and has a great range of motion as it is a ball and socket joint. It is however, shallower than the hip joint (also ball and socket) and this causes it to be more unstable. The shoulder joint consists of the head of the humerus (arm bone) and

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Frozen Shoulder Syndrome   Frozen shoulder is a painful, chronic condition characterized by loss of motion and inflammation. This condition results from injury, trauma, or previous shoulder surgery.   How common is frozen shoulder syndrome?   Frozen shoulder syndrome is not common among young people. However, it is usually found in the 40+ age group,

Labral Tear Repair   Labral repair is a surgery use to correct damage to the shoulder joint cartilage. Labral tears are a common type of sports injury, and they often occur along with shoulder dislocation. Overhead throwing athletes are at high risk for labral tears.   What is the labrum?   The labrum in the

Shoulder Sports Injuries   When someone has a shoulder injury, the trunk and spine are also affected. The main goals of treating a shoulder sports injury are to regain proper shoulder joint stability and to re-establish the patient’s kinetic chain (muscles and joints extending from the core of the body to the hand). All trunk

Running, jumping, swinging, pivoting, catching, throwing– Sports provide a diverse and exciting range of fun physical activities in our world. Practicing and participating safely is of course very important, as players always face the risk of injuries during their sports activity. Some sports may inherently carry a greater risk than other ones, given the different

Stem cell and PRP procedures for rotator cuff bursitis are counted among the most advanced medical treatment modes. It prevents pain and disability from taking over your rotator cuff while initiating natural healing. An alternative to surgery, stem cell therapy for rotator cuff bursitis is minimally invasive and facilitates faster recovery. What are stem cells?

What is Osteonecrosis?

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Osteonecrosis is a condition that causes severe disability and pain. This condition occurs from overuse of corticosteroid agents or from drinking too much alcohol. Osteonecrosis can occur in any bone of the human body, but the bones most often affected are the hips, knees, and shoulders. Osteonecrosis, often called aseptic necrosis or avascular necrosis, is

A rotator cuff tear or injury is a serious condition. If the injury is severe, and complete tearing occurs to the muscle and/or tendon, you may require surgery. Many people who have a rotator cuff tear suffer chronic shoulder pain after the injury. How common is a rotator cuff tear? According to recent clinical studies,