3 Urgent Signs That You Should See An Orthopedic For Your Shoulder Injury

by / Thursday, 07 January 2016 / Published in Orthopedic

If you are an athlete, it is often hard to know whether you should see an orthopedic doctor immediately for your shoulder injury or wait a day or two and see if it subsides. Phoenix shoulder and knee orthopedic doctor, Dr. Adam Farber talks about signs that show that your shoulder needs urgent orthopedic care.

Shoulder Scope

  1. Your shoulder pain radiates across the body

If the pain in your shoulder feels as if it is radiating down across the body, it is a clear sign that you must see an orthopedic surgeon at once. Such pain indicates serious traumatic injury and can happen to weightlifters, tennis players and collision sports players, says orthopedic surgeon at Arizona’s Phoenix Shoulder and Knee Clinic.

  1. Your shoulder pain makes it difficult to lift your arm

Sometimes your pain may be bearable but you may find it difficult to lift your arm or do routine chores. This can happen in case of rotator cuff tears. It is advisable you consult an orthopedic surgeon in such a case as he is the best person to decide how serious the tear is and whether it requires surgery.

  1. Your shoulder seems out of place

A shoulder popping out of place along with pain, is a sign of subluxation, dislocation, a labral tear or shoulder ligaments stretched out of place. You should see an orthopedic surgeon who can stabilize your shoulder with surgery. Dr. Farber at Phoenix is an experienced orthopedic doctor who is an expert in sports injuries.