Best Ways To Keep Your Bones Strong And Healthy

by / Friday, 03 January 2020 / Published in Blog

It is no secret that our bones become weaker as we age.  It is the reason those later in life break their bones easier from a fall or notice issues with their joints as time goes on.  It is the reason there is a lot of lower back pain in older populations.  As we age, our bones weaken.  And it is just a fact of life.  While we may not be able to keep our bones as they were when we were twenty, there are ways we can keep our bones and healthy throughout every stage of our lives.

 Our bones are constantly in a change of flux.  New bone is made, and old bone is broken down.  Throughout childhood and young adulthood, more bone is made then is broken down, so our bone mass increases.  However, as we age, more bone is broken down than is made, so bone mass begins to decrease.  This is the reason it is so important to maintain strong and healthy bones, especially as you age. 

            There are many different factors that affect bone health.  This includes everything from diet to exercise to gender and genetics, and everything in between.  Understanding your risk for osteoporosis based on these factors can help you determine specialized steps you may need to take in maintaining bone health.  While certain people will need specific measures, for most people, maintaining general bone health can be done with a few extra steps to their normal routine.

 One of the most important parts of maintaining bone health lies in making sure you get enough calcium in your diet.  Calcium comes from dairy products, almonds, dark greens, soy products, and tofu.  If your normal diet does not contain enough calcium, vitamins can also be used.  Calcium alone is not enough.  The body needs an adequate supply of vitamin D in order to absorb all the calcium you are taking in.  Vitamin D comes from sunlight, oily fish, eggs, milk, and cereal.  There are also vitamin D vitamins available.  Lastly, strong and healthy bones can be achieved through physical exercise and avoiding substance abuse such as smoking or heavy drinking.  Beginning physical exercise at a young age can help set a routine that leads to daily physical exercise throughout the rest of your life.  Having strong muscles can also help avoid wear and tear on your bones.

 Strong and healthy bones are absolutely necessary for a healthy life as we age.  They are the foundation of what allows humans to move, walk, sit, and play with kids and grandkids.  While there is no doubt our bones tend to break down as we age, there are also things that can be done to preserve our bone health as much as possible.  Certain people will be more prone to osteoporosis than others based on uncontrollable factors.  But, there are certain factors we can all control, such as how much calcium and vitamin D we get, how much we exercise, and whether or not we partake in using substances.  Living a healthy life while you are young is key to maintaining bone health later in life.