Distal Biceps Repair Info from a Phoenix Orthopedic Surgeon

by / Tuesday, 10 March 2015 / Published in Sports Medicine

What is Distal Biceps Repair?

F1.largeYour bicep muscle is located on the front part of your arm. It is this muscle which enables you to bend your elbow and to rotate your forearm.This muscle is also responsible for contributing to the stability of your shoulder.

Attached to this muscle or tendons which link it to your bone. These tendons can be torn at the elbow which will deplete the strength in your arm and make it impossible for you to turn your palm up or down.

Once it is torn, the bicep tendon will not grow back and heal. There are other muscles in your arm which can make it possible to bend at the elbow, but they will not be able to fulfill all of your normal functions. Permanent weakness can occur if you do not surgically repair a torn bicep tendon.

What causes a torn bicep tendon?

The main cause is a sudden injury to that region. If your elbow is forced straight out against a heavy resistance it can cause this injury. If you lift a heavy box without realizing how heavy it is, the strain on your muscles and tendons can cause this injury. This type of injury is very rarely associated with any other condition.Men who are over 30 years of age are the most likely to suffer from this injury. Those who smoke or use corticosteroid medications will increase their risk.

What are the symptoms?

Distal Biceps TendonYou will hear a pop at your elbow if your tendon ruptures. The pain will be very severe at the beginning and can subside after one or two weeks. You will notice a visible bruising around your elbow and your forearm as well as swelling in the front part of your elbow.

You will incur weakness when you try to twist your forearm or bend your elbow. You may see a bulge in the upper part of your arm or a gap between your elbow.

What are the treatment options for Distal Biceps Tears?

There are nonsurgical treatment options available for those who are inactive or who have medical problems that would otherwise place them at high risk for surgery. However you need to repair the tendon within the first 2 to 3 weeks following the injury.

Surgical treatment is the most recommended treatment option, one which anyone who has no reason to avoid modest surgery should get. Phoenix sports doctors can use multiple procedures to reattach your tendon to your forearm bone. Some doctors will make a single incision while others will make two incisions. The tendon can be stitched back together after three holes are drilled into the bone. Other times an implant is used to attach her tendon back to your bone.

What are the possible complications associated with Distal Biceps Repair?

There are rare surgical complications that occur in less than 10% of patients. One of the biggest complications is numbness in your forearm which usually goes away with time. The new bone might develop and cause limited movements or reduce your ability to twist your forearm. If this happens you will need another surgery. Re-rupturing can happen after the repair but it is rare.