While you are probably well aware of the location of your “funny bone,” as you have probably bumped it at least once in your life – most people are not familiar with the basic anatomy of the entire elbow. Because elbow pain can stem from several common activities, it is important to understand the basic

How To Handle A Torn ACL

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The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is located in the knee and connects the femur in the thigh to the tibia in the lower leg. If you tear it, most likely you will know it. You will likely hear it, too–patients often hear a loud “pop” when the ligament snaps, and sometimes even people nearby will

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Causes of Chronic Hip Pain

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Chronic hip pain affects thousands of people in the United States, and it is more common with advancing age. The hip joint is an important part of the human anatomy. This joint allows for everyday normal movements, such as standing upright, walking, and sitting. The hip joint also supports and balances the trunk.   The

Although the knee may appear like a simple joint, it is the most complex joint in the body. The knee is also more likely to get injured than any other joint of the body. If you take care of your knees now, before a problem occurs, you can prevent pain and disability.   Bones and

The shoulder joint is a ball-and-socket joint that connects the humerus (upper arm bone) with the scapula (shoulder blade). The broad ligament that surrounds the shoulder joint is the capsule, which stabilizes the joint. Along with the capsule are four muscles and their tendons, which make up the rotator cuff.   The rotator cuff helps

Knee surgery is never the first option. Sometimes, you can help your knee pain with non-surgical alternative treatments. Because knee pain is common among the general population, be sure to discuss your options with the doctor. Weight Loss and Exercise The knees are weight-bearing joints. If you are overweight, you will have knee pain. Losing

Joint pain is referred as aches, discomfort, and soreness of any body joint. The knee joint is affected by chronic pain more than any other joint in the body. The main cause of chronic knee pain is arthritis, which also is associated with swelling, tenderness around the joint, and loss of function. Causes of Knee

Knee pain is the most common reason for primary care doctor visits. In addition, 30% of orthopedic complaints are related to knee pain. Overall, half of all athletes have some type of knee pain during their lives. The knee is considered an “at risk” joint. These means that the structure of the knee places mechanical

Shoulder pain can interfere with usual activities and become a chronic problem. The shoulder is a complex joint that can move through many ranges-of-motion. Injury to the shoulder can quickly be a problem even at a desk job. The shoulder can become injured in isolation or in conjunction with the arm, neck, back, or chest.

Shoulder instability means the shoulder joint is not stable, and slides around too much in the socket. For some patients, the unstable shoulder slips out of the socket, which is caused subluxation. If left untreated, shoulder instability leads to shoulder joint arthritis. What parts of the shoulder are affected by instability? The shoulder is made