How to prepare yourself for rotator cuff repair in AZ

by / Wednesday, 24 June 2015 / Published in Shoulder Surgery, Sports Medicine

In order to prepare yourself for rotator cuff repair it is best that you understand what a rotator cuff repair actually involves.

This process is a surgical process which is used to repair a torn rotator cuff. This is a surgical Rotator Cuff Tearprocess which reattaches your tendon to the upper part of your arm bone. If you have only a partial torn rotator cuff the smoothing procedure might be the only thing you require. But if your rotator cuff is torn in the thickest area of the tendon it might require repair by stitching. In this case the two sides of the tendon are stitched back together.

A rotator cuff repair is only recommended if the rotator cuff has been torn and the pain remains in spite of regular nonsurgical methods for repairs. Regular pain in spite of nonsurgical treatment methods being used is a strong indicator that surgery might be required. If you are incredibly active and your job or your athletic participation requires you to use your arm regularly surgery might be suggested earlier, immediately upon diagnosing rotator cuff damage.

If your primary care physician has diagnosed damage to your rotator cuff, they will recommend that you meet with a Scottsdale orthopedic surgeon. An orthopedic surgeon will hold a consultation during which time they evaluate not only your current condition what your medical history to make sure that you are a good applicant for the procedure. If you have lost function in your shoulder, and you’re torn rotator cuff is larger than 3 cm, and you have endured pain for at least six months more than likely be a qualifying candidate for the surgical procedure.

Rotator Cuff TearThere are a few surgical options available to you during this time. The most popular is an arthroscopic repair. Arthroscopic repair is an outpatient procedure, one which can be completed in one day. The total time required for the surgical process is approximately two hours. In addition to this it is minimally invasive and offers a faster recovery time. The arthroscopic repair can be performed with a single incision through which a camera is placed and a secondary miniature surgical tools are placed.

The second most common technique is a mini open repair, one which is slightly less invasive compared to an open repair. An open repair is the third most common technique used to treat damage to the rotator cuff. The goal of all three methods is to allow the tendon to heal naturally. The exact method used on your rotator cuff will be contingent upon the size of the problem area, the quality of your tissue, your personal anatomy, and the experience of the surgeon.

Rehabilitation should take an average of five weeks depending on the severity of your surgical case. After the first week you should be able to dress yourself and to regain partial function. Your orthopedic surgeon in Phoenix will design a specific rehabilitation program for you.

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