Preparation For Knee Replacement Surgery

by / Tuesday, 27 May 2014 / Published in Orthopedic

Having knee replacement surgery is a major undertaking. The procedure, quite frankly, is life changing as it will restore the healthy mobility that has become painfully impaired. As you can imagine, however, there is a toll exacted on the body that will require intensive rehabilitation and recovery. As such, you want to prepare yourself – both mind and body – beforehand. Essentially, the stronger and healthier you are prior to your surgery, the quicker you are likely to recover from the procedure. Here are a few things you can do.

Stop Smoking

Knee Surgeon Phoenix AZIn addition to all of the other detriments related to smoking, the practice will also adversely affect your recovery from surgery. Smoking impairs both lung and blood vessel functions. Studies have shown that smoking increases the risk of infections and wound breakdowns, as well as requiring longer times for procedures. Smoking will also slow the body’s ability to heal properly. Therefore, you want to stop smoking in as far in advance of your surgery as possible.

Maintain/Implement Proper Nutrition

Having a healthy diet helps the body remain strong. You want to eat balanced meals that are equally nutritious. You particularly want to target foods that are high in protein, a mineral that your body will utilize heavily as it recovers. Also, make sure you drink plenty of water. Conversely, you do not want go on a diet before your surgery, as this will deprive your body of the nutrients and proteins it needs, thus resulting is a weaker physical state.

Develop a Positive Attitude

Surprisingly to some, but your attitude plays a major role in your physical recovery as you head into knee replacement surgery. Not only will you be even more physically impaired after the surgery than you were before, you will likely be in a good deal of pain as well. If you allow yourself to become depressed or emotionally overwhelmed by this, your recovery will be hampered. You can combat this by fortifying your mental faculties for the ordeal ahead. Learn what to expect and how you can best deal with various issues. Some patients, for example, explore meditation as a means of overcoming post-surgical anxiety. Keeping in mind your goal of pain-free mobility will undoubtedly help as well.

Get the Proper Amount of Rest

You will want to have an adequate amount of sleep heading into your surgery. This will accomplish a couple of points. First, your body will be well rested and at its strongest. Secondly, it will help with your overall attitude, putting much of any existing anxiety at ease. By being well rested, not only will your procedure go that much smoother, but also it will place you in the best position to begin a speedy recovery.

This few tips will help your orthopedic surgeon help you. Because knee replacement surgery is such a serious undertaking, it is necessary that you be as prepared as possible in order to ensure a desirable outcome. A good idea is to consult with your Orthopedic Phoenix Az surgeon in regards to further suggestions that will be of assistance.