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Phoenix Shoulder and Knee is a comprehensive Phoenix & Scottsdale orthopaedic doctor practice with a focus on conditions affecting the shoulder, knee, and elbow. Dr Farber has subspecialty training in arthroscopy and sports medicine Sports Doctor Phoenixwith World Renowned Kerlan Jobe Clinic and currently serves as Team Doctor for multiple amateur and professional sports teams.

The goal at Phoenix Shoulder and Knee is to get YOU back to YOUR optimal level of function and activity. We have a conservative approach to patient care, with numerous cutting edge, effective nonoperative techniques such as platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy.

We also utilize ultrasound imaging in the office to improve our accuracy in diagnosing and treating your symptoms. If surgery is recommended, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Farber uses the latest, minimally invasive cutting edge techniques for a faster recovery.


The Services offered at Phoenix Shoulder and Knee Include:

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