Shoulder Surgery Repairs Or Replaces Shoulder

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Your shoulder is one of the most important joints in our entire body. However, as you age, your shoulders endure wear and tear and depending on the type of work you did, sports you played, previous injuries, etc., the wear and tear can become extremely bad – so bad that it becomes debilitating. Phoenix orthopedic surgeonShoulder surgery can repair the damage to the shoulder and return the range of motion that has been lost because of the injury to the shoulder.

Shoulder Surgery Options

There are different kinds of shoulder surgery that can be done by your orthopedic surgeon. You may require total shoulder replacement, partial replacement or repair. Your orthopedic surgeon will talk to you about the different shoulder surgery options that are available to you. Your orthopedic surgeon will talk to you about your specific injury and shoulder repair, the pros and cons of each repair type, and what he/she recommends as the best treatment options for you.

Shoulder Surgery Replaces Total Shoulder

Arthroplasty is a total shoulder, which is done to improve mobility and reduce the pain. This type of shoulder injury can lead to severe arthritis. With this kind of shoulder surgery both sides are replaced and that includes the socket and ball. The replacement ball is made of metal and the replacement socket is made from polyethylene or a plastic compound. These shoulder replacements will almost always last for decades providing you don’t overuse the joint.

Shoulder Surgery Does Partial Shoulder Repair

A partial shoulder repair is done when the glenoid socket is intact and so there is no need to replace it. Therefore, a partial shoulder surgery is done to repair just the humeral component and the humeral head is replaced. The ball of the shoulder joint is replaced but there is no need for a plastic socket and the incision is much smaller than with a total shoulder replacement.

Rotator Cuff

Rotator cuff repairs are by far the most common shoulder surgery performed. Torn rotator cuffs cause significant pain and they are disabling to many adults. The majority of tears are in the supraspinatus muscle although occasionally other areas of the rotator cuff can be damaged as well. Rotator cuff tears occur because of an overuse or traumatic injury. Surgery for the rotator cuff is designed to repair the damage and eliminate the pain.

How to Choose an Orthopedic Surgeon for your Shoulder Surgery

An orthopedic surgeon will do your shoulder surgery. Prior to your shoulder surgery, you will have a consultation with your orthopedic surgeon. He/she will ask you many questions and this is the time for you to ask your surgeon any questions you have about your upcoming surgery or the treatment your orthopedic surgeon is recommending.

Shoulder surgery is a good way to repair your shoulder and eliminate the pain you have been suffering. By undergoing the shoulder surgery you will get your range of motion back and be able to return to some or all of the activities that you were doing prior to your injury.Orthopedic Doctors in Phoenix AZ