The Truth about Cortisone Injections

by / Tuesday, 04 September 2018 / Published in Arthritis, Knee Pain, Orthopedic

Cortisone is a steroid medication that is used to treat inflammation in the body. Your orthopedic surgeon may prescribe cortisone injections reduce inflammation in case of an injury or a chronic condition like knee arthritis. Reduction in inflammation allows pain patients to undergo physical therapy and rehabilitation so that they can return to their pre-injury activities sooner.

However, cortisone injections have some myths around them that are not true. Here is the truth.

Myth: Cortisone shots generally are harmful.

Research shows and most doctors agree that cortisone injections pose very little risk, when used appropriately. They reduce inflammation and reduce pain so that that person can undergo other pain treatments.

Myth: Cortisone shots are painkillers.

A cortisone shot may relieve your pain but that is due to its anti-inflammatory properties. However, majority of patients experience a great deal of pain relief.

Myth: A cortisone shot can negatively affect other parts of the body.

The cortisone injection contains only a small amount of cortisone that is injected locally. It does not affect other parts of the body, except insulin-dependent diabetics who need to monitor their blood sugar.

Myth: Cortisone shots work instantly.

When you receive a cortisone shot, some amount of anesthetic is injected simultaneously with the cortisone. This helps you obtain instant pain relief. But the cortisone needs time to reduce the inflammation before pain relief starts. This can take 3 to 5 days.