When should I see an Orthopedic Surgeon for my Injury?

by / Monday, 29 October 2018 / Published in Blog

Musculoskeletal injuries often result in back pain, stiff muscles and joints, and arthritis. Proper assessment, accurate diagnosis, and timely intervention in such conditions are essential. This can be carried out by an experienced orthopedic surgeon.

Orthopedic surgeons are experts in injuries and disorders of the body’s musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic surgeons diagnose and treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal issues, including trauma, sports medicine, foot and ankle surgery, hip and knee surgery, spine surgery, etc.

Here are some common conditions treated by orthopedic surgeons.

  • Osteoarthritis – This is a chronic joint disease caused due to wear and tear of cartilage. Rheumatoid arthritis is another type of inflammatory joint disease caused by the body’s own immune system.
  • Knee problems – These are consequences of the aging process and sudden knee movements, for example, knee sprains and tendonitis
  • Shoulder pain – Shoulder pain can be localized in one area or can spread on the shoulders and arms. Some common shoulder problems include rotator cuff tears, shoulder dislocation, bursitis, impingement syndrome and frozen shoulder.
  • Osteoporosis – This is a condition in which the bones become brittle and fragile. People with osteoporosis are vulnerable to broken bones, vertebral collapse, back pain and spine deformities.
  • Soft-tissue injuries of tendons, muscles, and ligaments – These may cause swelling, bruising and damage.
  • Muscle Pain – Muscle pain can be the result of overuse, injury and stress. Conditions like fibromyalgia may be linked to immune problems.
  • Fractures – Fractures refer to broken bones and can occur when an extreme force is applied to the bones during a trauma, such as falls or direct impact to the body.
  • Foot pain and problems – Foot problems are caused due to improper functioning of the foot.