4 Factors that can worsen your Arthritis Pain

by / Wednesday, 20 June 2018 / Published in Arthritis

You probably know that arthritis is a painful condition, regardless of whether it is osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. However, some arthritis patients experience the pain of arthritis more severely than others.

Here are some specific characteristics that can add to a patient’s pain.


Although arthritis can affect people of all ages, it is more common among older patients. Almost half of all Americans, more than 65 years old, suffer from arthritis. About three-quarters of all arthritis patients in this age group complain of chronic arthritis pain. This could be the result of aging-related physiological, biochemical, and anatomical changes.


Both men and women suffer from pain in arthritis. However, women are more likely to suffer from chronic pain and related conditions. For example, a majority of all fibromyalgia patients (a disorder that causes chronic pain throughout the body) are diagnosed in women. This could be due to the varying levels of sex hormones, estrogen and testosterone, which can cause increased pain sensitivity.

Health Conditions

Chronic health conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes, do not occur in isolation. Arthritis patients often also suffer from a number of other health concerns. Every health condition has with its own signs and effects, and pain is often one of them. As time passes, the pain signals lead to increased sensitivity and decreased tolerance. These factors further make the condition worse.


Genetic factors play an important in the experience of pain. Your genes can make you more likely to develop arthritis, or even more likely to suffer from arthritis pain.

Fortunately, you do not have to go on living with pain, regardless of your age, gender, genetic predisposition or medical history. A wide range of minimally invasive pain treatment options are now available to relieve symptoms and the overall impact of arthritis.