An Orthopedic Doctor Can Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

by / Thursday, 01 May 2014 / Published in Orthopedic

Computers are used in this day and age to do everything from running a business to getting an education from an online school. Though no matter how modern computers are these days, they still require the use of a keyboard and typing. The repetitive motion of typing can cause strain on the hands, fingers, arms, and shoulders, and after so many years, people may start to get signs that they may have carpel tunnel syndrome and have to seek out an orthopedic doctor.

5 Steps To Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery

With computer use on the rise, people who are on them every day are going to start to experience symptoms. Carpal tunnel Amniotic Derived Stem Cellssyndrome affects over eight million workers, and over 50 percent of all worker compensation claims every year. Some of the most common signs that they may be developing carpal tunnel syndrome include things like numbness in the hands and wrists, hands that have no strength in them, and stiffness in the arms or shoulders. Eventually, the carpal tunnel symptoms become too much and an appointment with an orthopedic doctor is made. However, there are five ways to prevent the condition from growing worse and requiring surgery:

•    Medication: An orthopedic doctor is going to recommend medication to help with the pain and swelling that carpal tunnel is going to cause in the hands and arms. An oralcorticosteroids can also be prescribed to help deal with inflammation. In addition to medication for pain and inflammation, the doctor may also prescribe a course of supplements to also help manage the condition.

•    Buying a special keyboard or headset with special speaking software: There are special ergonomic keyboards that are available at any electronics store. The special shape of these keyboard allow the hands to rest on them in a more natural position, which will keep pressure off of the nerves of the hands and wrists.

•    Special speech recognition software: There are special software programs that people can buy that come with a headset. With this speaking software, a person can speak into the headset, and their words are then translated into words. Many people are switching to the speaking programs because they can just speak, and their words are translated into emails and other documents, which will greatly reduce their need to type on keyboards.

•    Exercise: Doing any kind of exercise such as yoga, Pilates, or just lifting weights is going to make quite a difference. With the hands, arms, and shoulders getting exercise, it will help relieve the constant pressure on the nerves, and also help strengthen the limbs.

•    Frequent breaks: People who are working on their computers a lot do need to take breaks. At least every two hours, people should stop typing, get up, do some stretches, or just go for a quick walk, or do anything else that will get them up and moving around.

People are doing more repetitive work now than they ever were before thanks to things like computers. Activities involving doing things over and over again can put a lot of pressure on the nerves of the hands, wrists and arms, and that pressure can cause Top Shoulder Surgeon in Arizonaa condition called carpal tunnel syndrome. For people who are experiencing the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, they feel things like numbness in their fingers, pain in the arms and shoulders, and may not be able to hold things like they used to. An orthopedic doctor will need to be consulted if a person is experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome, and that physician may recommend things to prevent further nerve damage, which may prevent their patients from needing surgery such as buying a special keyboard, using oral medication, and getting plenty of exercise.