Back Braces have your Back

by / Tuesday, 27 March 2018 / Published in Back Pain

Many people face back pain and other issues. Back problems can affect any region from the neck to the tailbone. It can be the result of wear and tear, overuse or injury.

Injuries may be caused due to using your back muscles in activities that you do perform often, such as lifting heavy objects and yard work. Overuse injuries often occur due to incorrect posture or movement over a long period of time.

While minor injuries are a result of falls or excessive twisting of the spine, severe back injuries may result from things like vehicle accidents and falling from a height.

Common medical conditions or deformities that affect the spine, such as ankylosing spondylitis, osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis affect your daily activities, limit movement and cause pain.

In many conditions that cause back pain, a back brace can help by –

  • restricting movement
  • helping to achieve proper posture
  • helping to avoid undesirable movements
  • offering some degree of spinal decompression
  • stabilizing the spine and pelvis

A properly designed back brace works as a support for the spine. It is important that the correct brace is selected for your specific condition or injury as well as fit you properly. When a person is suffering from aback condition yet cannot avoid certain tasks that may strain the back, use of a brace can help to a great extent. To ensure that you get the right brace, it is important that you are assessed by an orthopedic bracing specialist, such as at phoenix Shoulder and Knee in Phoenix.