Sports Injuries Treatment With Top Orthopedic Surgeons In Phoenix AZ

by / Monday, 01 June 2015 / Published in Orthopedic

Sports Injuries

article-new-thumbnail_ehow_images_a00_06_1o_reduce-dislocated-shoulder-800x800Those who practice sports must practice precautions and make sure that they use moderate exercise to strengthen their joints in conjunction with their sports. Doing this is a preventative measure that decreases the risk of arthritis. Weak muscles around the knee joints will also lead to a higher risk of knee arthritis which is why it is imperative to practice exercises such as this and strengthen the supporting region thus decreasing your risk of
developing problems.

Meniscus Damage

Many cases of damage to the meniscus are related to a sports injury. Athletes who utilize proper techniques while exercising and playing sports limit their risk of tearing the meniscus but it is not preventable. Even if you use proper techniques while you are playing sports you can still injure yourself. If you hear a pop followed by immediate swelling and pain in the knee region you should see a Phoenix orthopedic doctor. This meniscus repair procedure is reserved only for cases where the damage cartilage needs to be removed. This is often used in order to relieve symptoms such as severe pain. This process will slow down the posttraumatic arthritis which always follows a meniscus injury. The purpose of this procedure is to provide protection for your ligament and to relieve your symptoms.
Joint arthritis is a common sports injury which is caused by inflammation.

How is this diagnosed?

There is no single diagnosis but an abnormal x-ray can show off features of a narrowing joint. If this takes place the orthopedic doctor in Phoenix will check the function of your hip and any potential loss of motion.

How is it treated?

The goal of treatment is to improve mobility. Part of this includes regaining function for your hip and controlling her pain. The treatment that you received my include rest care, exercise, weight loss, the use of a cane, or anti-inflammatory medications. In the worst cases you might require hip replacement surgery.

Tearing your bicep is another common injury. The main cause of a torn bicep tendon is a sudden injury to the region. If, for example your elbow was forced out straight against a heavy form of resistance this can cause injury.

Recovery Time

Each patient has unique health conditions and recovery time will vary for each patient based on their health conditions. If the repair is minor you may not require a sling and after a short period of physical therapy you may be able to return to your normal strength. Within a few days you should be able to return to work so long as you have your Phoenix orthopedic doctor’s blessing. For procedures which were more complicated the recovery time is significantly longer. Even with a small incision extensive damage to the joint results in extensive repair procedures. This increases the length of time necessary for recovery to several months. no matter the severity of your case is imperative that you follow the guidelines established by your Phoenix orthopedic doctor for recovery plans and that you participate in physical therapy in order to achieve better long-term outcomes.