Shoulder arthroscopy is a surgical procedure used by Arizona orthopedic surgeons to not only inspect the shoulder joint but to diagnose your condition and to repair the problem. When you undergo shoulder arthroscopic surgery, the first thing that happens is that you meet with a surgeon.  This meeting is set up in order to determine

SLAP repairs If you suffer from a severe injury in your shoulder caused by the tearing of the ligaments surrounding the shoulder socket you might suffer from an SLAP tear. If you do you must undergo a repair process. The repair process is a surgical process through which the torn area is fixed. Going through

Sports Injuries Those who practice sports must practice precautions and make sure that they use moderate exercise to strengthen their joints in conjunction with their sports. Doing this is a preventative measure that decreases the risk of arthritis. Weak muscles around the knee joints will also lead to a higher risk of knee arthritis which

Total shoulder replacement is a form of surgery which is used to limit pain in patients who have a severe cuff injury to their shoulder. The replacements will limit overall motion in the shoulder but it is a last resort solution for patients who have exercised all other available options. Total shoulder replacement is a