Osteochondritis dissecans is a condition where bone underneath the cartilage tissue gradually loses vitality and dies due to lack of vascular supply. The damaged bone and cartilage can break loose, hindering joint mobility and causing a painful condition. The disorder is common among children and adolescents who undergo high impact activities that subject their bones

Therapy for sports injuries You can also apply ice packs to your shoulder regularly. This can be done in order to reduce the inflammation in the region. If you take anti-inflammatory drugs you can relieve the pain and the inflammation. In some cases the pain is very severe and over-the-counter medications are not sufficient. If

Sports Injuries Those who practice sports must practice precautions and make sure that they use moderate exercise to strengthen their joints in conjunction with their sports. Doing this is a preventative measure that decreases the risk of arthritis. Weak muscles around the knee joints will also lead to a higher risk of knee arthritis which