Treating Calcific Tendinopathy

Sunday, 24 December 2017 by

A recent study has shown that the treatment of shoulder calcifications needs to be done according to the kind of calcifications and the extent of deposition. The study was published in Radiology and it pressed on the need of determining whether a single or dual needles need to be used for removing calcifications from the

Michael Fulmer of the Detroit Tigers, Vetern Felix Hernandez of the Mariners and New York Knicks Kristaps Prizingis have all been sidelined this year with shoulder bursitis, or, in medical terminology “Subacromial Bursitis”. That term might seem like a foreign language at first but if you break it down it makes a lot more sense:

If you have injured your rotator cuff, you more than likely have an issue such as a SLAP injury, torn ligament, or severe inflammation leading to bone spurs. All of these issues can be treated with non-surgical options initially, but if they are left untreated it can lead to severe complications and the need for