All About Shoulder Arthroscopy from an Arizona Shoulder Surgeon

by / Thursday, 23 April 2015 / Published in Orthopedic

What is shoulder arthroscopy?

Arthroscopic surgery is a surgical procedure used by Arizona orthopedic surgeons to inspect inside of your joint, diagnosed a condition, and repair the issue. The term literally translates from its original Greek to Maine looking within your joint. During shoulder arthroscopy, the Phoenix shoulder surgeon will make a small incision in your shoulder joint and insert a small camera connected to a thin tube.

This camera will display pictures on a nearby screen, and the surgeon uses the pictures to guide the miniature surgical instruments inShoulder painside of your joints. Because these instruments are incredibly thin the incision on your shoulder is very small. This is particularly small compared to the incision needed for open surgery. The small incision also results in less pain and a shorter recovery time. This procedure has been performed since the 1970s and has helped improve the treatment, diagnosis, and recovery for shoulder injuries.

When is this procedure recommended?

If you have a painful condition which nonsurgical treatment options have not rectified your doctor may recommend surgery. Injury and overuse of your shoulder can result in tears and shoulder surgery can relieve the pain that you experience from damage rotator cups, damaged cartilage, or damage to your soft tissue.

Generally this procedure is recommended to repair rotator cuff injuries, to remove bone spurs, to remove or repair the tissue in your shoulder, to repair the ligaments, to remove loose cartilage or inflamed tissue, and to repair a recurrent shoulder dislocation.

How can I prepare for surgery?

If you are recommended for surgery, you are primary doctor should be visited to ensure that you have no medical problems which you must address prior to the surgery. Typically blood tests, and electro cardiogram, or a chest x-ray may be taken prior to the surgery. If you have a particular health risk, sent to the valuation may take place prior to the surgery. Your orthopedic surgeon should be informed of any Shoulder Scopesupplements or medications that you take.

You might be recommended to stop taking these two weeks prior to your surgery. If you’re generally healthy, the surgery can be performed as an outpatient procedure. This means that you do not have to stay in the hospital overnight. In some cases your orthopedic surgeon may recommend that you stay overnight for monitoring.

When undergoing shoulder surgery, you will be positioned inside of the operating room so that the surgeon can adjust the tools and have a clear view inside of your shoulder joint. There are two common positions for the surgery one of which is being semi-seated in a reclining type chair and the other is lying on your side on an operating table.

Phoenix shoulder surgeons will select the position that is best for the procedure based on your needs. Once you’re in the right position any hair will be removed if needed in an antiseptic solution will be spread over the area to ensure it is clean. Your shoulder and arm or be covered with sterile drapes and you will be placed in a holding device to ensure that the arm does not move.