Arthroscopic debridement and resurfacing of the glenoid joint is a form of shoulder surgery. The glenoid is a part of the scapula (shoulder blade) is a shallow, articular surface located on the lateral aspect of the scapula. Debridement is the process of removing debris, excessive tissue, loose bodies, and other structures from the shoulder joint.

A distal clavicle excision is a procedure used for impingement in the shoulder. Shoulder impingement is a condition where the space between the joint structures narrows, causing parts to pinch or rub. Arthroscopy involves the use of a lighted camera to make necessary repairs to the acromioclavicular (AC) joint. Who needs distal clavicle excision? The

Shoulder arthroscopy and decompression is used to treat shoulder impingement, which occurs when the rotator cuff muscles and tendons are squeezed by the surrounding shoulder structures. This surgery decompresses the rotator cuff tendons so the patient can have normal mobility and pain relief. How do I prepare for shoulder arthroscopy? Before the procedure, you must

You must have surely felt the pain associated with frozen shoulder, if you come in the late 40s and early 70s age bracket. What is frozen shoulder? Characterized by pain, stiffness and loss of motion in the shoulder, this is a disorder which commonly affects women between 40-70 years of age, although men aren’t exempt

Mostly, shoulder dislocations occur following a sports injury or a fall. What happens when a shoulder dislocates is that the tendons that connect the muscles to the bone and the ligaments that connect bones together, become torn or stretched. The symptoms of shoulder dislocation are; Swelling Bruising Numbness Tingling Weakness in the fingers, arm, hand

Patients who suffer from a throwing condition might occasionally feel their shoulder pop when they try to complete certain exercises. They might find that with time they feel less powerful in their shoulder and they are not as strong as they once were. Some people might experience pain in the front of their shoulder or

What is shoulder arthroscopy? Arthroscopic surgery is a surgical procedure used by Arizona orthopedic surgeons to inspect inside of your joint, diagnosed a condition, and repair the issue. The term literally translates from its original Greek to Maine looking within your joint. During shoulder arthroscopy, the Phoenix shoulder surgeon will make a small incision in