Shoulder Replacements With Best Shoulder Surgeon Phoenix AZ

by / Sunday, 24 May 2015 / Published in Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder Surgeon Phoenix AzTotal shoulder replacement is a form of surgery which is used to limit pain in patients who have a severe cuff injury to their shoulder. The replacements will limit overall motion in the shoulder but it is a last resort solution for patients who have exercised all other available options. Total shoulder replacement is a process that integrates a plastic cup into the shoulder socket joint and a metal ball into the ball of the ball and socket joint. The plastic cup and the metal ball replace the existing ball and socket joint. This surgical option offers better movement and functionality in cases where the shoulder is permanently damage.

Who qualifies for this procedure?

This surgical procedure is only recommended for people with a torn rotator cuff who cannot repair the damage through any alternative methods. It is also reserved for people who have torn the shoulder area and already tried replacement surgery with no success. People who have severe pain in her shoulder and have exercise all other nonsurgical treatments may also qualify for this procedure.

What can I expect during this surgery?

This procedure will replace your existing ball and socket joint with an artificial version. The actual surgery takes approximately two hours. During the procedure the top orthopedic surgeon in Phoenix makes an incision on the front part of your shoulder or the top. It is through this incision that the damaged bone is removed and the replacement parts are inserted. There are surgical complications associated with this procedure because it is highly technical. Given the potential surgical complications every Phoenix orthopedic surgeon will evaluate the individual situation and patient carefully prior to approving them for the surgery. Some of the most common surgical complications include dislocation of the replacement parts or a loosening of the replacement parts. In either instance the new shoulder joint might have to be operated on again.

What happens after the surgery?

After this procedure a medical team will provide you with antibiotics in order to prevent infection and they will give you pain medication to help manage your pain. Many patients are able to get out of bed on the same day and eat solid food the following day. Patients will typically be discharged from the hospital on the third day. When patients are discharged they will have to keep their arm in a sling and diligently follow the instructions provided by their Phoenix orthopedic surgeon. Your surgeon will craft a physical therapy rehabilitation program for you. After approximately two weeks a patient should be able to dress themselves and eat on their own. After a few weeks each patient has to return to the Phoenix orthopedic surgeon’s office for x-rays in order to monitor the success of the replacement. It is important to follow all instructions prescribed by the surgeon.

For at least six weeks after the surgery patients need to avoid any extreme arm positions or lift anything which weighs more than 5 pounds. Patient should avoid pushing themselves out of chairs or pushing themselves out of bed.

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