Joint pain is referred as aches, discomfort, and soreness of any body joint. The knee joint is affected by chronic pain more than any other joint in the body. The main cause of chronic knee pain is arthritis, which also is associated with swelling, tenderness around the joint, and loss of function. Causes of Knee

Meniscal Tear Meniscal injuries are the most common type of knee injuries. Meniscus tears are usually related to trauma, but they can occur from a sudden twist or repeated squatting. How common are meniscal tears? In a study involving 100 patients with suspected meniscal tears, researchers found meniscal tears in 57 patients with symptoms, and

There are times when you are running, jumping, playing hard and generally, very into the game, when suddenly you hear something, a ‘popping’ sound. At times, you can even feel it. Immediately after, it’s not uncommon to feel as if the rug has been pulled out from under the feet and all the air has

Am I A Candidate For Knee Arthroscopy?

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The quality of a patient’s life can be adversely affected and in a major way, due to a knee injury, especially if it’s severe. When it comes to treatments, it’s very important to find the one which is right and safeguards your ability to walk. There are a number of options when it comes to

Cartilage restoration processes help you to replace damaged cartilage in your joints. Many athletes suffer from knee pain which can be the result of damaged cartilage. The cartilage around your joints is a rubbery material that covers the ends of each bone. This cartilage is designed to reduce friction inside of your joint and to